Working Areas of novis

novis realizes projects in Europe, Asia and certain developping and emerging countries.  Novis provides innovative, reliable and profitable solutions which are specifically designed to meet the individual needs of each customer.

Our Mission

As an independent project planner, we check your individual regional project location and recommend you the best processes. Technology for Africa for example has to fulfill extreme requirements: minimal investment costs, robustness, suitable for extreme climates, simple to control and service by local personal, high process stability and reliability. Possible substrates can be found everywhere: (municipal) organic waste, harvest residues, food residues, etc. deliver renewable energy.


Special requirements are connected to the utilization of municipal organic waste (oMSW) in Africa and Asia. In this field our innovative plants offer a reliable solution.



Regarding Novis' position as developer of biomass projects and renewable energy solutions, we are committed to emphasize sustainability and common public interest. Depending on the region we have to face different key aspects.



Within the last couple of years the states of Europe discovered the necessity of changing their current energy system from fossil fuels to renewables. The regulatory framework on promoting renewable energy is constantly changing. Novis responds to these highly volatile markets by developing concepts like the classical biogas plant or waste-to-energy plants.

In the meantime Germany has become an ideal for promoting renewable energies. Novis has realized several renewable energy plants with its local network. In doing so Novis has earned a lot of know-how which causes great demand in other European countries like France, Italy or the Netherlands.

The plants constructed by Novis are considered as high-end technique. They are efficient and operational stable being the main aspect of such a plant.


Southeast Asia

The economy of this region increases rapidly. This leads on the one hand to an increasing energy demand and one the other hand to a more conscious awareness of environmental problems, which were ignored in the past. Thus a large request on gaining efficiency and enhancing resource management is achieved.


In line with that novis provides innovative solutions. Problems like “Palmoil Mill Effluents” (POME), agricultural waste treatment, or the reduction of municipal waste are just a few examples for our field of activity.


Though the plants built in that region have to struggle with the Asian low-price economy. Therefore they have to feature efficiency, quality and high-end technique. These are aspects novis can provide.




Energy is the key to progress in Africa. novis designs sustainable, carbon neutral and efficient energy solutions based on (waste-) biomass for developing and emerging nations ranging from local electrification to industrial plants.


Novis is geared to both ethical AND economical rationales, the local culture and habits of the population included. Every concept has to be an individual project relating to the customer. novis evolves its projects with local partners on behalf of “novis – Energy Development Partners”. which makes novis have local connections at any time. In addition to that, long-term aftercare operations are guaranteed and the special know-how not only gets transferred but built up together.


Promoting the energy system in Africa needs support. Novis advocates for that by getting involved with international institutions like: UN, World Bank, EU, EIF/EIB and the EBRD. EIF/EIB and the EBRD.



The novis GmbH

During his time as owner of a medium sized consultancy Thomas Helle has the chance of doing energy consulting for big international companies all over the world. This know-how is not brought into the newly established company novis.