Project Biogas in the south of France. Short time before start up (2014)

A video from the building phase could be seen here.

The biogas installation in the province of Aveyron, France is continuously progressing. The concrete digesters have been erected within time and budget, despite the bad weather conditions.


After setting up the concrete fermenters and performing several quality checks, we started to install all the pipes and cables. Due to the situation on site, all the installations had to be made within a very narrow space frame.


At the end of July we started to install roofs and engines, as well as the innovative low-pressure dryer for final substrates.


A video of the installation can be seen, by clicking on the upper picture.

Novis and TTIP (WNA 2014)

Thomas Helle in the business magazine "Wirtschaft Neckar-Alb"
Thomas Helle in the business magazine "Wirtschaft Neckar-Alb"


The German Commercial and Industrial Chamber in Reutlingen has opened the discussion on the 'Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership' (TTIP) between the EU and the USA. Novis' CEO Thomas Helle was asked for his opinion.


You can read the whole article HERE, unfortunately only in German.

Interview on the business Afrika Forum (2014)

At the end of July 2014 a radio interview on station SWR4 was broadcasted with Thomas Helle in preparation for the business forum at the Afrikafestival in Tübingen.

The interview was held by Sandra Mueller, Suedwestrundfunk (SWR).

Radio Interview with Thomas Helle as download
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Thomas Helle at the third ressource efficiency congress 2014

 At the 25th of September in 2014 the third congress of resource efficiency of the national government in Baden-Württemberg (Ressourceneffizienz- und Wirtschaftskreislaufkongress Baden-Württemberg) was held. Novis' CEO Dr. Thomas Helle was invited by „BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg“.


The main focus was on the projects of Novis in the field of bio-economy. In particular the project about gaining heavy metals and rare earths from slag and the innovative approach to gain valuables from the residues of the cocoa production. The principal theme of both projects is the usage of bacteria for materials processing.


The congress was moderated by Dr. Kindervater head of „BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg“ (BIOPRO BaWü GmbH). Prof. Lewandowsky from the University of Hohenheim presented the strategies of the national government on bio-economy as well as the new founded Masters for bio-economies. Dr. Schließmann introduced the many activities of the „Fraunhofer-Institut“ in this subject. Dr. Thomas Helle showed of the practical experience Novis has in this field by demonstrating the latest implementation projects.